What does the Aussie dream home look like in 2020?

If you’ve ever wondered what the most desired home in Australia looks like, we have a few clues for you.
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Sourced by realestate.com.au

When you picture your ideal home, what does it look like? Is it a penthouse apartment? A country manor? A historic townhouse?
realestate.com.au, in partnership with the RSL Art Union, recently asked over 3,000 Australians to share with us what their dream home looks like, and the responses hinted at some clear trends in design, location, and amenity.

“I know our customers love a beach house, but I was surprised at just how important views were for a dream home,” RSL Art Union General Manager, Tracey Bishop says.
“One-third of survey respondents nominated views as the most important amenity a dream home can offer. Nearly 50% chose the beach as their dream location, compared to only 15% who chose the city. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised – it just confirms Australians love an outdoor lifestyle.”
Most of us want water views, plenty of space, light and stylish coastal-inspired interiors. We want to live close to work, but also on the coast. We want space to entertain, and a pool to boot.

What does the rest of Australia crave in a dream home…
We want space
Space is apparently a top tier desire for most Australians.
Of those surveyed, roughly 30% said their main issue with their current residence was its lack of indoor space.
“The thing most survey respondents didn’t like about their current house was a lack of indoor space, proving that Australians still value plenty of space in a dream home,” Tracey says.
“In fact, their ideal home has four bedrooms, and a large back deck was a popular amenity associated with a dream home. This suggests that spaces to relax and to entertain are still very important.”
More than 50% of survey respondents said their ideal property had four bedrooms, 21.5% wanted three and 20% wanted five. Interestingly, we’re still a fairly humble bunch with less than 5% pining for a dream home with more than six bedrooms.

…And fine design
Apparently we’re a style-seeking bunch, with 41% agreeing that design is the top quality of a dream home, as opposed to location (37%) or size (4.5%).
We also said we’d much rather a gorgeous aesthetic (43.5%) over sustainability (31.4%), proximity to work or regularly visited places (14.7%) and – lastly! – proximity to friends and family (10.4%). What a jaded bunch are we?!

A coastal address is paramount
Aussies are lucky that many of our major cities sit along our beautiful coastal border. However, it’s still surprising that more of us would rather live near a beach than in a capital city.
A whopping 47% would ideally live by the beach, with other ideal locations including ‘surrounded by nature’ (19%) and in a capital city (15.5%). No takers for the country? Well, 15% of you wouldn’t mind living on land, but less than just 3% expressed a desire to live in a rural or regional area.
Interestingly, the cohort was evenly split on whether they’d prefer to live closer to school or work (32.6%) versus living closer to lifestyle amenities, like cafes, bars and restaurants (32%).

Do you really want a pool?
Apparently, many of us would be willing to forego a pool or a tennis court, but we’re less flexible on features like more indoor or outdoor space (not including a backyard shed, which 29% of us really didn’t care for).
However, when asked which amenities we wanted in a dream home, the top three answers were an ocean or mountain view (34%), a large back deck for entertaining (19%) and a pool (15%).
“I think a pool is a popular feature of a dream home, but the survey hints it simply isn’t as important as a spacious, contemporary home in a great location, close to friends,” Tracey adds. “It’s consistent with what we’ve previously found from our research – the most important attribute of a prize home is location.”

Say it with us now: Location, location, location!