Appraisal Disclaimer

Our appraisal is for the use only of the party to whom it is addressed and for no other purpose. I accept no responsibility or liability, whether such liability would have arisen as a result of negligence or otherwise, for/to any other person/party who might use or rely on the whole or any part of this document unless such use or reliance on was with my prior written agreement. Any lending institution and/or Government Organisation offered this report if not directly addressed to them, should contact the writer. Bennetts Real Estate hereby declares that it makes no guarantee, promise, warranty, representation or undertaking that the lodgment of this market appraisal will result in any predetermined requirements of the instructing party or client being satisfied. This report is a market appraisal only and it is not a valuation. It is provided for no other purpose than to give an opinion of potential value. We have not sighted a structural report on the property nor have we inspected unexposed or inaccessible portions of the premises. We are not a structural expert and are, therefore, unable to certify as to the structural soundness of the improvements. We therefore cannot comment on the structural integrity, defect, rot or infestation of the improvements nor can we comment on any knowledge of the use in construction of material such as asbestos or other materials now considered suspect.